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Puppy Training - Right from the start

Puppy exploring his surroundings

The importance of right from the start

A puppy is born completely helpless - they are also born without fear as Mum is there to take care of them. This "fearless" period lasts to approximately four months of age.

From the time you get your puppy (usually at eight weeks) to the four month period – the puppy is open to learning and soaks all the new experiences like a sponge.  This is called the formative period.  In this time we need to shape all the correct behaviours and establish boundaries and show the puppy how to fit into our human world.
If initial training is left post the 4 month period, incorrect behaviours will be established, hormones start to kick in, personalities are more developed and learning is done in a more fearful state.

A different training technique is therefore often required.

What is socialisation?

A well socialised puppy is not one that likes to play with every dog/puppy and likes to jump and greet every person.
​A well socialised puppy is one that fits in our world with confidence and is a pleasure to have around.

​To socialise a puppy you need to expose them to as many sounds, surfaces, objects, gadgets, adults, children, dogs, cats as possible. The list is endless. Even the wheelie bin and the plastic bag floating down the street are often scary items.
It is important to expose your puppy to all these things before the 16 week period.

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